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Australia // march 2012

My girlfriend Stephanie went to Australia for an one year work and travel trip. And of course I visited her!   //read & see more

New Zealand // march 2012

During my stay with Stephanie we took the opportunity to catch a cheap flight from Australia to New Zealand where we rented a "lucky" toyota van and crossed the two islands nearly from top to bottom.   //read & see more

Scandinavia // may 2011

We used the first spring days of the year 2011 for a short trip to Denmark and Sweden, it is easy to reach by car and the two cities Copenhagen and Malmö have lots of skateboarding to offer. Nice one!   //read & see more

1878 km by train to Chisinau // april 2011

After being on tour in Hungary, Romania and Moldova I wanted to spend more than one night in each city and visit my friends in Budapest, Cluj and Chisinau for more than a few hours like it happens when being on tour with United And Strong.
Something else was very different to my former band related trips to eastern europe, I went by train all the 1878 km and flew back to Berlin from Chisinau.   //read & see more

Paris, dreamers and makers // december 2011

In december 2010 I went to Paris for a weekend, the reason was not the city itself, it was to meet with my brasilian friends Pablo and Juju who stayed there for a while. But surprisingly I really liked Paris and made lots of photos with a B/W film and two different color films...   //read & see more

UAS ...away from home but never alone // october 2010

After touring Poland, Latvia, Estonia, Russia, Romania, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Greece, Slovakia and Hungary in 2009 with United And Strong and Questions. We went to the two unknown countries Ukraine and Moldova as well as the well known Romania and Slovakia in 2010. We experienced...  //read & see more

Brasil // april 2010

In april 2010 I traveled to Brasil to visit my friends in the bands Questions and Confronto from Sao Paolo and Rio De Janeiro. Most of the one month trip I spent in Sao Paulo. I remember being completely overwhelmed by the choas and size of the city. The first night and day was tough...  //read & see more